P. E. A. C. E. - Power Enlightenment Action Creativity Expression - P.E. A. C. E.

Voices Seeking Change, Inc.


 Voices Seeking Change, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that believes that our youth are the community’s most valuable asset.  Therefore, we believe that it is important that an investment is made in them to support them to become strong, productive and mature adults who have social awareness and are able to make a valuable contribution to their community. 

Understanding youth can seem like an overwhelming task.  They no longer want to be looked upon as a child, yet they do not understand fully the dynamics of being an adult.  Voices Seeking Change’s goal is to reinforce positive values during this crucial stage in our young people lives.  Our programs are created to develop competence, usefulness, power, self worth and belonging.  We develop programs that focus on the strengths rather than the weaknesses of youth.  We do not look at youth as problems to be solved but rather problem solvers.  We engage our youth in activities that build character, confidence, positive bonds, competence, empathy and a sense of social justice.  Our focus is to create environments that build on the strengths of our youth, support their personal and social development and increase opportunities for them to take on leadership roles.  

We know that the greatest influence on our youth are their peers.  Therefore we place them at the forefront of decision making.  They believe that artistic expression is the far most strongest and constructive medium to communicate and a valuable tool to inspire positive change. Therefore, we support our youth in developing and using plays, skits, art, spoken word, poetry, forums, round table discussions, debates, campaigns or any form of initiative they believe work to combat issues they face and develop a strong sense of commitment to self and community. Voices Seeking Change’s youth values integrity, excellence, creativity and innovation therefore they use their gifts and ingenuity as a catalyst to bring about change.


Our Voice Is Our Power - We Use It To Make A Difference